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How To Treat Proud Flesh & Wounds In Horses

Learn how to successfully manage problematic proud flesh and other serious cuts and wounds. Our proud flesh salve comes with step by step application directions.

Proud Flesh And Catastrophic Horse Wounds

Many catastrophic horse wounds and injuries can be completely healed to point you wouldn’t even know the horse had been injured. The key to success is correct wound management, not luck. Using the right product, and applying it correctly, makes all the difference in the world.

Prevent & Eliminate Proud Flesh In One Step

Find out how to prevent and eliminate proud flesh in one easy step with no tissue damage. This product actually smooths the surface. No sting, no burn, no irritation.


Proud Flesh Home Remedies & Caustic Wound Powder

There are many home remedies, and commercially made products and powders containing caustic ingredients that hinder the healing process. Do not use meat tenderizer, scarlet oil, iodine, Nitrofurazone ointment (decreases wound contraction and delays regrowth of skin over a wound), Hydrogen Peroxide (full strength it is toxic to cells), Gentian Violet, or lime (caustic alkaline burns). These compounds not only “eat” away damaged tissue, they eat healthy tissue needed for proper healing. Most of these products do not work; they are painful, and damage tissue. Only clean the wound with saline solution. Electrolyzed saline solutions are especially effective in early stage wound cleansing.

So, throw out the caustic powders, meat tenderizer, scarlet oil and lime.  Do not use any ingredients that damage tissue. It will only add time to the process, and the results won’t be as good.

Horse Injury & Proud Flesh Photos

Check out all the case studies of catastrophic horse injuries and wounds. Warning, the photos are graphic, however, the results are amazing.

Graphic Injury Photos